Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use your Services?
Unfortunately bad things happen. Break-ins happen as do water leaks as do electrical faults. Early detection can save you money, stress and worry. While you’re away it’s good to know someone responsible is keeping an eye on your property.
What areas are covered?
We cover the following suburbs: Brighton, East Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock and Highett.
When do I pay for your services?
We accept payment in advance 5 days prior to your departure.
Why do I need to use your service if my home is alarmed?
Because most alarm monitoring services only inspect your property after your alarm has been activated. Our services ensure there have been no disturbances including unsuccessful attempts to enter your property. Additionally, we check for water leaks, electrical problems etc. We aim to give your home that lived-in look which can deter would be burglers.
Do you provide a home security checklist prior to us going away?
Yes, we supply you with a checklist of “To Do Things” before you leave. These include food storage hints as well as home security hints.
What Insurance do you have?
While You’re Away Property and Pet Minding Services carries public liability Insurance which protects the Homeowner against any loss, damage or injury caused by unintended negligence.
What do you charge?
Our charges are very reasonable and are determined on an individual basis. Call us to explain your situation and service requirements and we will supply you with a free, no-obligation quotation.
Why types of payment do you take?
We accept Bank Transfers, Cheques or Cash.