Why use our Services?

- While You’re Away Property and Pet Minding Services is not a house sitter service. It is more than that. Whether you’re away for the weekend, for a business trip or for an extended vacation, we can help by keeping an eye on your property and pets. We’re fully insured and police checked.
- You want your house and assets to be safe without having to have somebody else sleeping in your bed while you’re away.
- You want to know that if that tiny leak in the bathroom vanity basin does happen to burst it won’t continue to flood the bedroom for the duration of your time away.
- You want to minimize the likelihood of the house being robbed.
- You’d like to return to a home that has been aired, dusted and vacuumed prior to your arrival.
- You want your pets to avoid the stress of having to stay in a kennel or cattery.
- You want to come home to find that the leaves have been swept and the indoor plants are still alive.